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Current Design Practices on the Web

Web Design Practices is a site devoted to helping designers understand what design practices are currently in use on the Web—and aims to gather research about the usability of commonly-employed design practices.

Sort of like web design patterns, shows what are common practices for online design. Author also has a nice summary article on boxesandarrows entitled Examining the Role of De Facto Standards on the Web.

The Importance of HCI

From an ACM Queue article written by John Canny entitled The Future of HCI. (Disclosure: John was two offices down from me at Berkeley :) )

In spite of their unfamiliar content and methods, HCI courses are strongly in demand in university programs and should be part of the core curriculum. At a recent industry advisory board meeting for U.C. Berkeley's computer science division, HCI was unanimously cited as the most important priority for future research and teaching by our industry experts.