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Notes on Running the Mobisys 2015 Program Committee

Marco Gruteser and I recently finished co-chairing the Mobisys 2015 technical program committee. Some of the TPC members said that it was the best run, least stressful program committee that they had been on, and were amazed that we were able to discuss over 60 papers.

I thought it would be good to share what tools and processes we used to keep things running smoothly, to help other program committees.
We allocated NNN minutes of discussion per paper (this will vary depending on PC size and #papers to discuss). Basically, take the total amount of time and divide by #papers to discuss, subtracting 1-2 minutes per paper as slack time.We used the iPad app Lightning Talk to keep track of time (thanks to Jenna Date for pointing me to this app)On the projector, we displayed what paper we were discussing and who the conflicts were. This helped speed up conflicts getting out of the room. Here is a shortened version of the slides. (Thanks to Morley Mao and Landon Cox for this idea)Conveniently,…