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How Little Web Sites Have Changed Over the Past 6 Years

In our book, The Design of Sites, we show how little major web sites have changed over the past few years. Below is an image (click to zoom) that shows this. Here's what we wrote in our book:

Figure 2.10 shows how the homepages of some prominent Web sites have changed during the past six years. With the exception of Google, which has always stressed simplicity, it is interesting to note that the only major change has been an increase in the information density of these Web pages. In fact, Web design has already converged on what we call the “common Web look and feel.”

The Design of Sites, 2nd Edition

The second edition of our book The Design of Sitesis finally out! It includes some new design patterns on the mobile web, AJAX technologies, and security.

There are also:

Seventeen new design patterns to add to the original ninety
More than twenty significantly updated patterns
450 four-color screen shots and diagrams, including more than 150 new images

You can also check out this interview with my co-authors, James and Doug (I was out traveling at the time :)

Kinetic Sculptures

BMW is featuring the work of Theo Jansen in one of their commercials. Mr. Jansen creates kinetic sculptures, which in this case is a large mechanical insect that uses wind to power its legs. You really have to see this video to believe it!

Thanks to Leila Takayama for telling me about this.