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Our Facebook Security Quiz

Wombat Security Technologies has created a quiz on Facebook to test your knowledge of computer security. See if you can get the Golden Wombat!

Nicely Animated Talk on Motivation

I recently found a series of animated lectures on YouTube covering a number of topics, including motivation, economics, ethics, education, and more. By animated, I mean that there is an artist drawing what the speaker is saying, adding an incredible visual angle to the talk.
So far, the talk on what really motivates us is my favorite. It looks at how monetary compensation affects creative endeavors, and other ways of incentivizing people to be more effective.

Heilmeier's Catechism

Just learned about this set of questions earlier this week at a DARPA workshop. They seem like a really useful set of questions, for product development and for research.

Locaccino blog entry at MIT Tech Review

One of the writers at MIT Tech Review has blogged about our work on Locaccino.

"Locaccino Shows How Facebook Places Should Work"