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Resolved: Should Squirrels be Considered the Superior Species on Earth?

After watching this video of squirrels running thru obstacle courses, I'm not so sure we humans should be so proud of our achievemenets:

When Toolkits Go Bad

As someone who has been involved in the development of some user interface toolkits, I have to admit I'm simultaneously amused and really annoyed at this latest development, namely phishing toolkits that lower the barriers to entry for criminals.

The tools and code provided by Mr-Brain are designed to make it extremely easy for other fraudsters to deploy realistic phishing sites. Only a very basic knowledge of programming is required to configure the PHP scripts to send victims' details to the fraudsters' chosen electronic mail address. Deploying one of these fully working kits can be done in as little as one minute – another factor that adds to their appeal.

This one toolkit, however, is somewhat humorous in that it tries to scam the scammers.

Careful inspection of the configuration script reveals deceptive code that hides the true set of electronic mail addresses that are contacted by t…

San Juan Airport Wifi

While on a layover in the San Juan airport in Puerto Rico, I was checking if there were any WiFi access points around, and see this humorously named hotspot.

The Higest Rated Youtube Video of all time is...

by the HCII's very own Johnny Lee, on using Nintendo Wiimotes for head-mounted virtual reality. 1.7 million views since it was posted 2 weeks ago. Way to go Johnny!