The Design of Sites, 2nd Edition

The second edition of our book The Design of Sitesis finally out! It includes some new design patterns on the mobile web, AJAX technologies, and security.

There are also:

  • Seventeen new design patterns to add to the original ninety
  • More than twenty significantly updated patterns
  • 450 four-color screen shots and diagrams, including more than 150 new images

You can also check out this interview with my co-authors, James and Doug (I was out traveling at the time :)


Prentiss Riddle said…
Congratulations! I'm a happy owner of the first edition and have been thinking about upgrading to the second. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any details of about what has been added. Amazon won't let me look inside the book and the only publisher's site I've been able to find is for the first edition. Are "release notes" available anywhere online? Thanks.

jas0nh0ng said…
There are seventeen new patterns, and a bunch of new content about the Mobile Web and AJAX technologies. There are also a bunch of updated screenshots and new images as well.

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