Course Announcement: Research Topics in Ubiquitous Computing

I'm teaching a grad-level course on ubiquitous computing.

Instructor: Jason Hong (Office NSH3613, send email to jasonh at cs cmu edu)
Times: MW 9-10:30
Place: NSH 3002
Course#: 05899
Pre-requisites: This class is a combination of topics covering a wide variety of disciplines that impact ubiquitous computing. These include human-computer interaction, distributed systems, databases, machine learning, security, sensors, with a touch of public policy. While there is no explicit set of pre-requisite courses for this course, the more of a basic introduction you have to these various disciplines, the more you will get out of the class (in other words, you are not expected to be experts in all of these areas, and there are several overview readings to help bring you up to speed). If you are unsure about your background feel free to come and talk to me.

This course is open to students from across campus, although it is expected to consist primarily of SCS students.


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