Pacing Emails

It would be nice to have an email client that could send emails at a specified time. For example, if you were up at 4AM, you could compose the mail and then have it automatically send out at 7AM, to make it look like you weren't actually up at 4AM. Or you could write a reply to an email now and have it send out a few days later, to pace the rate of email exchange from another person.


Khai said…
*cough, cough*

Cron jobs...cron jobs. Actually, I have scripts on both unix and windows to do this.

I don't think the "make it look like you weren't actually up at 4AM" is a compelling reason (if you're trying to motivate this kind of feature). Reasons I do this: 1) CFPs need to go out at a certain time...usually set to happen hours after some changes occur on a conference Website, 2) I want to send a happy birthday to someone but it's the night before and I worry that I won't remember the next day (and would prefer not to send an "early happy birthday wish" :-)

The only questions really is why this hasn't been added to email clients...seems like a simple enough feature. But then again, the interfaces for just about every email client is crap.

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