[Tech] IBM's New Paradigms Using Computers

I think this is the first time in seven years I haven't gone to this conference. Fortunately, JD Lasica did...

Ian Smith, Intel researcher, argues for the future of mobile phones as a development platform:

Smith holds up his mobile phone: "Most people don't even think of this device as able to run new software. They don't think of that for mobile phones, and that's really really weird. … You can retire to Jamaica if you figure out (how to create a business model in that space)." Ringtones and screen backgrounds for your cellphone aren't really software applications. "I'd argue there's no piece of software that's driving this platform today."


An audience member asked about proprietary systems that allow only a limited amount of applications and experiments with content. Smith says he thinks we'll see a "hungry hippo in this space," perhaps the No. 2 or 3 vendor, which will make a business decision to open up the box and allow this thing to have lots and lots of applications on it and let 1,000 flowers bloom.

More info, and an interview with IBM Researcher Dan Russell:


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