Wired on "Lost and Found, the Online Way"

Wired Magazine's web site has an article about people using Craigslist to find things that they've lost. It would be really compelling if we could actually figure out the stats for how effective something like this is.

In an increasingly cynical world, there are still places where people try to do the right thing. Everyday on Internet message boards, honest folks post notes about valuables they found: cash, bank cards, diamond bracelets, engagement rings, wedding bands, digital cameras, and even a cockatoo valued at $1,200.

In turn, when there is no place left to look for something missing, the desperate sometimes take the longest of longshots and look online themselves.

Occasionally, it works for both sides. People such as Silliman get back their iPod, still loaded with Radio Head and Broken Social Scene.



Phoebe said…
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Phoebe said…
Hey Jason! I just discovered your blog just now. =)

Maybe some of the things they've lost might be here? --P.

PS: Sorry for deleting/reposting my comment... the HTML got screwy in between the preview and publish. If it does it again - oh well!

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