Internet2 Rich Presence

Rich Presence trials are participatory, distributed, and experimental. Participants download and install a specially tuned integrated communications client on their laptops. This client allows participants to initiate voice, instant messaging, and video calls to each other using the receiver's email address as a single, converged electronic identity.

Communication is enhanced through the inclusion of rich presence services, through which participants may see not only who is on-line, but also where they are and what they are doing. As participants connect to the wireless LAN, their location and calendar presence is updated automatically. Room location is derived through triangulation of 802.11 signals and is cross-referenced with the meeting calendar to learn the name and duration of the session in that room at that time.



Phoebe said…
This sounds pretty interesting from a work perspective; I can think of lots of instances as a legal sec where I wasn't sure where my attorneys were. But from a privacy rights perspective - pretty scary! --P.
jas0nh0ng said…
Yeah, this is why a bunch of my colleagues and myself are working on usable privacy and security for applications like these. How do we get the benefit of these kinds of systems while minimizing the foreseeable privacy risks?

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