GPS for Dogs

Just when you thought you've seen it all, Garmin is selling a GPS for dogs. No, not to help the dogs navigate (that would be scary), but to help owners find their dogs.


Anonymous said…
Read this story, Jason - I wish that Moses had a GPS when he wandered out of the yard.

> Hi Everyone,
> This is an update for those of you who know about Moses and a note to
> those who have not heard yet. Thanks to everyone for all the phone
> calls and emails. I have not been able to get back to everyone who has been calling.
> Just wanted to send an update to everyone all at once rather than
> repeat the story over and over.
> On Thursday, Moses was in the back yard of a home in the Bay Area for
> about 10 minutes stretching his legs after a long car ride. When I
> went to get him, the gate was open and he was gone. The gate opened
> into an alley and commercial area. Myself, some of the staff from the
> home, and some friends of mine searched for Moses all evening and the
> staff even made flyers and posted them all around the area. There
> were a few sightings of him, but were were not able to find him.
> Jamie and her family came back and helped me search until after
> midnight. I then continued to search for him most of the rest of the
> night. It was pouring rain the entire time and very cold, so we hoped he had found some shelter.
> In the morning, some staff came back and helped me some more. Making
> 100s of flyers and driving all over and posting them and asking people
> if they had seen him. We got a few calls from the flyers and the
> police dispatch about sightings and we chased the sightings all over
> Redwood City until about 2pm on Friday (23 hours from the time he went
> missing) when the police called to say they had found Moses, but he had been hit by a car.
> They took him to the nearest vet and we met them there. When I was
> able to see him he just started crying for about 20 minutes straight
> with relief and sadness. He was in pretty bad shape and was
> transported from there to a surgical hospital in San Mateo - the best
> in the area - where he had surgery and spent 2 days in recovery.
> The main concerns were 1) a bladder burst due to blood coming from his
> penis
> - but they were able to determine there was no damage to any internal
> organs. 2) His right eye had been popped from his eye socket and he
> was blind in that eye. The doctors felt he would have a better chance
> at recovering from the trauma if they removed the eye completely so he
> only has
> 1 eye now. 3) Possible internal bleeding in the brain due to blood
> coming from his nose and mouth. This is not surgically treatable in
> dogs so he was given medication and put under observation. But as of
> today, they think he is out of danger.
> After 2 days in the hospital, I was able to bring him home today. He
> can walk a little - just enough to go pee, but is still very sore and limping.
> He is pretty heavily medicated. His eye socket has been sewn up and
> is still very swollen and bruised, but he is not crying as much. We
> are just lying together and resting and I think he is just relieved to
> be home after his ordeal. He even gave a few weak wags of his tail
> after I gave him a sponge bath.
> The nurses at the hospital gave him a new nickname because of his eye
> - "Rocky Balboa".
> He will need to be under 24 hour supervision for the next 14 days to
> make sure he does not reopen the eye. He is wearing a cone, but even
> with that, there is a danger of the eye reopening. After 14 days, he
> will get his stitches out. He has antibiotics to help prevent an infection.
> I am so happy that he is going to be ok and that we will have many
> more years together. I will be busy nursing him back to health for
> the next few weeks. I am also about to loose about 3 toenails from
> close to 20 hours of walking looking for Moses, so trying to stay off my feet a bit.
> I wanted to say a special thanks to some people who helped me get
> through this - special thanks to the first 4 people on this list who I
> don't think I could have gotten through this without:
> * Jamie Rivera and her family - Jamie and her family came out to help
> me search late into the night and Jamie was there with me all day on
> Friday until Moses came out of surgery. She had a picture of Moses
> and made the 100s of flyers and even a large banner for the car that we used on Friday.
> She drove and walked around tirelessly. Her family brought me
> blankets, dry clothes, and a whole care package. She was able to stay
> focused and know what to do next when I was too overwhelmed and
> hysterical to know what to do.
> * Connie DeGuzman - Connie and her family also helped me tirelessly.
> On Thursday, Connie and Jackie printed out pictures of Moses and put
> them all around the area. The first tip we got on Friday morning was
> from a picture Connie posted in a far outlying area that we would not
> have expected he could have traveled that far. Connie also drove
> around all day on Friday in the pouring rain looking for Moses.
> * Jackie Baas - Jackie and her family helped me search all evening on
> Thursday and all day Friday as well. Driving around in the rain,
> printing out pictures and making flyers, passing out and posting
> flyers, chasing Moses sightings all over the city. Even her little
> daughter helped write phone numbers on the posters and call for Moses from the car window.
> * The Redwood city police - dispatch kept calling us with sightings
> and they were the ones who finally found him and took him to the
> nearest vet.
> * The staff at McGarvey - a number of staff assisted with the search
> on Thursday afternoon and evening. Driving around looking for Moses,
> going to businesses and asking if he had been seen, etc.
> * Tiffani Andrade - Tiffani called the local SPCA and got all the
> information on how to make a report and gave me the information to get
> to the SPCA to look for Moses and be able to call the dispatch there
> to ask if he had been found. She also took care of cancelling a
> number of work and personal appointments for me so I could concentrate on looking for Moses.
> * Paula and David - Paula and David came out to help look for Moses on
> Thursday evening and Paula listed him on Craigslist as missing.
> * Everyone who was calling concerned about Moses and praying and
> sending positive energy to us. It worked. We found him and he
> survived in spite of being lost in a strange city for 23 hours in the
> pouring rain and on high traffic streets. Thank you all.
> Thanks again to everyone for your support. If I am unable to get back
> to everyone's calls and emails, it is only because there are so many
> calling and Moses and I are both very tired and can't keep up with it all right now.
> Please forward this to anyone I have forgotten. I just wanted to
> update everyone at once and let you know that Moses is in good hands
> and I will be taking very good care of him.
> Michelle M. Kersten, M.S.
> Director of Clinical Services

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