IEEE Pervasive Computing Special Issue on Security and Privacy

I'm a guest editor on a special issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing on security and privacy.


Author guidelines:
Submission address:
WIP Deadline: See below
Publication date: September 2007

IEEE Pervasive Computing invites submissions to a special issue on the topic of ÎéÎíSecurity and Privacy in Pervasive Computing.ÎéÎí Example topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Establishing trust in pervasive hardware
  • Preserving security in cyber foraging
  • Software and hardware attestation of remote executions
  • Authenticating with low distraction
  • Using tamper-evident hardware
  • Providing peripheral awareness of trust context
  • Combining privacy with accuracy in location sensing
  • Coping with physical threats to pervasive hardware
  • Encrypting on low-power computing devices
  • Anonymized computing with disposable devices and states
  • Security and privacy of RFID technology
  • Tradeoffs between attribution and anonymity in pervasive systems
  • Pervasive surveillance and privacy - technology and policy issues
  • Design and evaluation experience
  • Usable privacy and security
Submissions should be 4,000 to 6,000 words long and should follow the magazine's guidelines on style and presentation. All submissions will be anonymously reviewed in accordance with normal practice for scientific publications. Submissions should be received by 1 May 2007 to receive full consideration.

In addition to full-length submissions, we also invite work-in-progress submissions of 250 words or less (submit to Molly Mraz at These will not be peer-reviewed but will be reviewed by the Department Editor Anthony Joseph and, if accepted, edited by the staff into a feature for the issue. The deadline for work-in-progress submissions is 1 August 2007.

Guest Editors

M. Satyanarayanan, Carnegie Mellon University
George Cybenko, Dartmouth College
Jason Hong, Carnegie Mellon University


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