Dressing up as a Phish

Sasha Romanosky points me to a story about a security analyst dressing up as a phish to educate students. This reminds me of that time Randy Pausch dressed up as some character from Alice in Wonderland and gave away Alice CDs. I have to admit, this is definitely going to be memorable for the students.

Tech-Security Official at U. of Virginia Wears Fish Costume to Raise Awareness of 'Phishing'

When Karen McDowell dressed up in a purple fish costume and walked around the University of Virginia’s campus last month, she got plenty of attention for her cause, even though she had to explain the meaning of her outfit. Ms. McDowell is a security analyst for the university, and her goal was to raise awareness about e-mail phishing schemes, in which con artists send e-mail messages hoping to lure people into giving out their passwords or other personal information.


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