Four papers accepted to Ubicomp 2010

Our group had a good year for Ubicomp with four papers accepted, all on various aspects of privacy, location, and social networking.

Jialiu Lin, Guang Xiang, Jason Hong, Norman Sadeh. Modeling People’s Place Naming Preferences in Location Sharing.
This paper looks at how people name places when sharing with others.

Eran Toch et al. Empirical Models of Privacy in Location Sharing.
This paper examines what location information people share with others, using models of how public a place is, and how mobile that individual is.

Karen Tang, Jialiu Lin, Jason Hong, Norman Sadeh. Rethinking Location Sharing: Exploring the Implications of Social-Driven vs. Purpose-Driven Location Sharing.
Here, we examine the difference between two different kinds of location sharing. One is purpose-driven ("where are you now?"), the other is social-driven ("hey, I'm in Paris now").

Justin Cranshaw, Eran Toch, Jason Hong, Niki Kittur, Norman Sadeh. Bridging the Gap Between Physical Location and Online Social Networks.
Using co-location data, we apply machine learning models to make inferences about one's social network.


Greg Linden said…
Can you make copies of the papers available?
ava said…
Awesome! Ubicomp2011 will be held in Beijing~

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