Things that would be nice to fix in Motorola Droid

After using the Droid for about two months, here's my list of things I hope they fix:

Text Input
  • Alt and spacebar. You're job is to input a phone number. You hit alt twice to put it into alt mode, so you can type in numbers, and then hit space to separate the groups of numbers. But wait, space in alt mode brings up a list of symbols. Very broken interface.
  • Why does the calendar show no event information whatsoever whenever it syncs? This is very broken, having to wait 10+ seconds just to see if you can schedule something.
  • Make a better time widget. Why bother giving people the option to start a meeting at 5:29PM? How about 15minute intervals by default, and a separate UI if that's not sufficient.
  • Why does the calendar start at midnight? Make better use of screen real estate, let people set the start of a day at, say, 8AM
  • I can't make an event in the calendar repeat every Tue and Thu from the phone? I have to go to the Google Calendar web site to do this? Didn't Palm OS figure this out already?
  • In fact, just steal the calendar design from Palm OS, they did it right 15 years ago.
Phone calls
  • The phone ringer on the Droid can be set to not even vibrate. This is horribly broken, I've missed several calls because I inadvertently lowered the volume too far. Make "vibrate" the lowest volume option
  • Why does the phone keep trying to make emergency calls when in my pocket? Please fix this.
  • Why does the phone let my cheek dial numbers when talking on it?

The Droid phone is good but is lacking polish in lots of places.


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