Announcing the new MSIT in Privacy at CMU

We've launched a new masters program for privacy engineers! We expect our first class will start next fall.

The Master of Science in Information Technology—Privacy (MSIT-P) degree is a one-year program designed for computer scientists and engineers who wish to pursue careers as privacy engineers or technical privacy managers. Designed in close collaboration with industry and government, this program is intended for students who aspire to play a critical role in building privacy into future products, services, and processes.

This first-of-its kind program responds to the rapidly growing need for technical privacy expertise. As organizations develop new products, services, infrastructures and business processes that facilitate the collection and management of an ever-wider range of customer data, they are discovering that privacy issues need to be addressed from the very beginning of the design process. Over the past several years, both industry and government organizations have created positions for people responsible for ensuring that privacy is an integral part of the design process. These people are brought in as in-house consultants who work as part of multi-disciplinary teams. They have to understand technology and be able to integrate perspectives that span product design, software development, cyber security, human computer interaction, as well as business and legal considerations. Today organizations are already reporting a significant shortage of people who are adequately trained to play this increasingly crucial role, while demand is continuing to increase.

The 12-month MSIT in Privacy program combines the best and most successful elements gleaned from Carnegie Mellon University’s long and distinguished history of professional masters programs. The program includes two semesters of courses taught by leading academic privacy and security experts. The program concludes with a summer-long learning-by-doing, capstone project, where students will be brought in as privacy consultants to work on client projects involving students from other professional master’s programs. Students who complete this program will be well prepared for jobs as privacy engineers and technical privacy managers.

For more information, see the program website:


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