Penultimate Ubicomp Class

Some quick notes:

  • Final Project Presentations is next Wednesday.
    The project doesn't have to be completed by then,
    but the presentation should have enough describing

    • what the problem is
    • what your approach is (ie what you've done)
    • what your results are so far

    We have 80 minutes and we have 6 groups, so aim for
    about 10 minutes each plus a few minutes for questions.

  • For this coming Monday, rather than a reading assignment,
    the assignment is to do a coherent and lively 5-minute rant.
    You can even do interpretive dance or rap if you want.
    Bonus points if you make people laugh or start a fight.
    Here are some pointers that might help:

    • "Ubicomp will fail in 10 years because..."
    • "We should eliminate privacy because..."
    • "Ubicomp will succeed but b/c of (smart toys / sex / ...)"
    • "The metric for ubicomp should not be efficiency but (smiles per hour / hugs per hour / quality of life / ...)"
    • "Areas x, y, and z of ubicomp should be stopped b/c..."
    • "Lines of research x, y, and z are stupid b/c..."
    • "We should focus more on... (ex. third world computing)"
    • "Ubicomp will be the (worst / best) thing to happen to humanity because..."
    • "The biggest problem ubicomp has today is (programming / ethics / ...)"

  • Here are some links to some example rants by others:

    Bruce Sterling (Sci-Fi Author)
    Grand Challenges
    Argues for,,, So/Ho Ubicomp, etc
    (Two different talks, both funny)

    Stephen Doheny-Farina (Communication Prof)
    The Last Link: Default = Offline Or Why Ubicomp Scares Me
    Argues why ubicomp data should be "off" and "unknown" by default

    Bill Joy (Java guy)
    Why the Future Doesn't Need Us
    Self-replicating nanotech will turn us all into grey goo

  • Last, here was the rap song about tangible UIs I mentioned.
    And you thought I was joking:


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