[Research] Publicly Signed Reviews of Scientific Papers


Very interesting idea in HotNets03.

As an experiment this year, we solicited a leading researcher to write a signed “public review” of each accepted paper. Our intent is to foster a dialogue between authors and readers. Too often, the context for understanding the relevance of a paper emerges only during the Q&A or hallway conversations at the workshop, and then disappears into the ether. The result is that each new reader must start afresh in deconstructing the paper.

We encouraged the public reviewers to be opinionated rather than factual, and to consider their canvas the broad set of topics raised by each paper. The opinions expressed in the public reviews are those of the reviewers alone, and intentionally
do not reflect the views of the program committee or the chairs. The reviewers were selected independently of the program selection process and thus sometimes came to conclusions quite different from the program committee.


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