[HCI-Sec] Phishing on the Rise


Symantec's report released this week reveals businesses suffered an average of 13.6 attacks per day overall in the second half of last year, up from 10.6 daily attacks in the first six months of the year. During that period there were 1,403 new vulnerabilities discovered, marking a 13 percent increase from the previous six months.


[P]hishing, with a 366 percent increase over the six months ending Dec. 31 compared to the six months preceding, is among the fastest growing threats. Symantec expects that phishing will continue to be a very serious concern over the next year.


Jupiter Research retail analyst Patti Freeman Evans told the E-Commerce Times that phishing is still a relatively small-scale threat today, but if online retailers don't take steps to stop it then it could become a huge problem for e-commerce.


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