[HCI-sec] Wordlock Padlock


Not directly related to hcisec, but a very interesting idea with a good insight. I wonder how secure it is in practice, since it seems easier to guess a word than to try all numbers.


"On March 10 at the NASDAQ Market site in New York City, Staples held its Invention Quest™ final judging event. The winner is the WordLock™ -- a combination lock which uses easy-to-remember words instead of numbers."

Step 1: Start with your list of words based on your theme. List can be any 4 and 5 letter words.

Step 2: Unforgettable. Software program takes list of words as input. Creates list of final wheels with 10 letters per wheel. Maximizes number of word combinations.

Step 3: Ready to manufacture


Diane said…
I think using words makes the lock even MORE secure than using numbers. With numbers most people leave the lock at 0000, or 1234, or 9999 , because they can't remember a random 4 digit #.
With letters , this can be set to 1 of 100,000 letter combinations so more possibilities. Also , people can pick letters, like they do vanity license plates, so the possibilities are endless, yet at the same time Meaningful to the individual. You can set the lock yourself and its alsoso easy to set you can change it every week if you wanted to.
Remember its not fort knox, its for a locker or a toolshed or something.
Its just so much easier for us humans to remember words rather than numbers it's about time someone made a product like that.

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