[HCI] The Future of User Interface Design Tools


Skimming over the papers, lots of interesting ideas. Interesting to consider the deployability issues behind many of these ideas, for example:

  • 80/20 (makes it easy to do the most common things, possible to do the difficult)
  • kool-aid factor (how much buy-in does it take to get things going?)
  • understandability and predictability (will UI designers be able to understand what's going on?)

This workshop aims to gather researchers in the field of user interface design tools to identify important themes for the next decade of research. User interface tools aid in the design and development of interactive systems. They include tools for designing the interface, development environments for writing code, and toolkits that provide software architectures and building blocks to aid development.


Anonymous said…
I liked this workshop. Computing going ubiquitous definitely brings a lot of chances for creating new user interface tools. It seems that people tend to revisit those ideas that have been tried out in 80's, as mentioned in that TOCHI paper by Myers, Hudson and Pausch.

Yang Li

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