[Ubicomp] [Rant] Jason's Rant on Smart (and Not So Smart) Homes

Just presented my rant on smart homes to some faculty and students in architecture here at CMU.


My main points:

Research community should focus less on gizmos, more on existing activities
  • Child care: getting kids to school, caring for babies
  • Home maintenance: lights, termites, bills
  • Family coordination: kids, grandparents, friends

Research community should also remember that houses are part of a bigger picture
  • Part of the local environment
  • Part of the local community
  • Part of larger activities (work, play, health, family)

Think about merging liberal democratic goals with good marketing and good tech
  • Environmentally “green” houses
  • Strong vibrant communities
  • Stronger family interactions

Smart homes aren’t just about the house!


rich vuduc said…
You forgot to mention how smart homes could also greatly benefit from these highly fashionable chairs:

http://www.mixko.net/(Click on "Products".) Personally, I'd love to get an "ESC."
jas0nh0ng said…
I have to admit that those mixko chairs are pretty darn cool. I wonder if they have an "any key" chair?

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