[Ubicomp] [Tech] WaveMarket Location Services

Interesting stuff, wonder how well it works, in terms of usability, scalability, etc?


Map.Me is a mobile phone map interface that allows users to pan/zoom and experience dynamic mobile city guides. Subscribers can download the application on their mobile phone to locate themselves, find addresses and businesses, and show directory listings on a map. Users can also request driving directions on how to reach their desired destination.

Crunkie.com is a location-aware mobile social network that allows friends to locate each other as well as share location-tagged blog posts. It turns mobile handsets into location-enabled broadcasting and viewing devices. It is where you go to see postings from anywhere that interests you. The number of posts, pages, and channels we host is unlimited, but it’s all organized by place and time so you get where you want in just seconds.

WaveAlert enables wireless operators to notify you when are near something important to you, like a speed trap before its too late, or a good friend who happens to be in your area. Now you get the information you want when you need it based on your location and interests. For the first time WaveAlert solves the tremendous technical challenges required for these services by dramatically reducing location polling rates while also efficiently scaling to millions of subscribers.


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